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Meet the TYW Judges 2022!
This year we've assembled an incredible judging panel. Read on to find out more about our talented and experienced judges.


Dr. Vanessa Johnen earned her PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Oxford on a 4-year scholarship awarded by the Medical Research Council and holds an MSc in Molecular Medicine. Following her research career, she transitioned to a top global strategy consultancy. She is now an experienced manager driving innovation in healthcare and fundamental change in complex organizations. In her career, she has been to hundreds of meetings and knows that everyone appreciates a good story. Through simple and memorable narratives, she has convinced business leaders, clinicians, and academics that when the wind blows, it is better to build a windmill than a wall. An accomplished sailor, Vanessa felt the wind of change in 2021 and is currently on sabbatical, sailing across the Atlantic. You can find out all about her adventures at seas here!

Katie McBride holds a First-Class degree in Mathematics from Cambridge University, alongside an MSc in Mathematics Trading & Finance from CASS Business School. Following a stellar career in derivative structuring, Katie studied psychodynamic counselling and is now a proud mother of two boys. A fan of great storytelling, Katie is currently working on her first novel. A talented scientist, Katie emerged as an extremely talented physics, chemistry and further mathematics scholar from a young age, and has retained a deep love of science that has bought her much joy throughout her life.


Dr. Irene Berketis is a board certified Doctor of Physical Therapy and pediatric specialist. She is an international high school graduate of the American Community Schools of Athens, Greece. After graduating from a BSc in Clinical Psychology and Philosophy at Stony Brook University in New York, she successfully pursued a MSc in Exercise and Health Behavior from City University, London and a Physiotherapy degree from St. Georges University Hospital, London. Irene has achieved licensure to practice and has worked as a physical therapist in the UK, Greece, Portugal and the United States. She was an integral part and advocate of the National System of Early Intervention (SNIPI) in Portugal which was awarded the World Health Organization Award United Arab Emirates Foundations Prize for Health in 2010. Irene holds 20 years’ experience in orthopedics, neurology, child development and developmental disorders and has worked in hospitals, clinics, education and the community. She currently works in the New York Educational System as a pediatric physical therapist. Irene enjoys travel, yoga and being a mom to her two young boys.

A wellness professional with a great drive for adventure, Rebecca believes that young women can truly set their own path; she was the only British student to ever score a winning touchdown at a national collegiate American football final, whilst simultaneously managing to be inducted into the national cheerleader Hall of Fame, following many successive national championship wins. After graduating with a First-Class Honors degree in Sport Studies, Rebecca emigrated to Canada, where she worked at a space & science institute for two years, before transitioning into a wellness focused role. She is a natural coach and educator, with a true love of science and wellness.


Dr. Elesa Zehndorfer earned her PhD from the Dept of Sport & Exercises Sciences at Loughborough University, the world’s leading institution for sports research. Formerly a university lecturer, Elesa now works as a professional writer (fiction, non-fiction,) and is a co-founder of a successful finance & publishing company Lakeside Partners GmbH. A multi-award-winning writer, many of Elesa’s books have already been published by Taylor & Francis, one of the world’s leading academic publishers. Specializing in science writing, Elesa is the Editor-in-Chief of Blackheath Publishing. Having worked in education for around 20 years, Elesa finds nothing more inspiring and wonderful than seeing young people realize their true potential. Elesa is also a qualified Personal trainer and Pilates coach and proud mummy to her little boy.

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