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Tired of the 9-5? You're not alone. The daily grind of office life has left many of us dreaming of escape, of swapping our corporate life for one of adventure and freedom. 

But what if we dared to take a risk and make those dreams a reality?

Rewind is the story of two consultants who did exactly that - threw caution to the wind, bought a boat, and swapped the corporate world for a life on the high seas. This remarkable book is an adapted version of a real time captains log written by the two sailors. Their words recount stories of curious whales, dangerous squalls, impromptu racing events, endless sunsets, and the mysticism and challenges of the Atlantic Ocean.


Having eventually returned to corporate roles, their reflections also offer wonderful insight into how life at sea changed their world view professionally and personally. The perfect escapist read...and perhaps a little inspiration for your own adventures yet to come.

Release date to be announced later in 2023.

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