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The Full Story

Who We Are


Blackheath Publishing was founded in 2021. Borne out of a passion for exceptional writing, we believe that the art of story telling should be at once furthered, protected and celebrated. 

Our boutique publishing house, based in the breathtaking foothills of the Austrian Alps, is currently taking on a small selection of titles by invitation only. Our promise is this. We will remain as passionate about the titles that we publish as the authors themselves!


We believe in re-writing the publishing rules. Such a goal includes respecting an authors' right to fair profit. It also means that we will remain transparent throughout every step of the publishing process.


Using the same print-on-demand technology as major publishing houses, we are able to remain nimble and flexible when it comes to launches, multiple editions and other dynamic aspects of the publishing process . Critically, we value our ability to bring titles to market in multiple formats in a timely fashion.  

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