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Blackheath Publishing specializes in groundbreaking fiction, science & educational books. We take on only a very limited number of exceptional authors and titles to whom we give our full attention. As a result, we are currently accepting manuscripts by invitation only. We are extremely excited about our just released and forthcoming titles, and we look forward to sharing these exciting new titles with you. 


We have three incredible new releases that we know you'll love! Leik-p’ya! Immortal Butterflies is the remarkable debut novel of master storyteller Nell Murry. A sweeping, epic saga of a Shan family living under colonial British rule in 19th century Burma, Leik-p'ya! Immortal Butterflies will transport you into another time and place with twists and turns as grand and majestic as the Irrawaddy itself.  


If you're ready for an adventure, check out the book trailer for sci-tech thriller Upload, authored by multiple award-winning writer Elesa Zehndorfer.  And to support our incredible young science writers, order your copy of Made of Stars today to immerse yourself in the illuminating and often touching winning entries of our prestigious TYW (Talented Young Writers) competition! Simply click on the images below to find out more about these extraordinary books and to order your copies today.



We are excited to announce the domestic launch of Mindanao Peace Games in Davao City, Mindanao, Philippines, this October, with an international launch following in New Zealand in November. Click on the MPG logo below for more details about this incredible book! We are also looking forward to introducing you to Jack Stone, the newest young action hero on the block, in Egyptian Mystery: A Jack Stone Adventure.